Video Does Good

We are proud to donate
for each video order sold to the
Sean Costello Memorial Fund
for Bipolar Research!

People are Talking

"When a student has a flaw in the mechanics of a stroke, she often thinks she is executing the stroke very differently than what is actually happening. Through the video analysis provided by HIGH-TECH TENNIS, I've been able to help many students by allowing them to actually see and correct the error in the stroke."

Turhan Berne, One Love Tennis

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10/25: Recruit Video
10/27: Recruit Video
10/28: Recruit Video
10/31-11/3: Icy Hot Chps 16-18
11/4: AL Vacation
11/10: Academy Video Meeting
11/17: Our Anniversary
11/19: Academy Video Presentation
11/26-30: Icy Hot Fall Indoor Chps
12/6-8: FL Level 4 Tourney
12/13-20: Our Caribbean Vacation
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12/31-1/1: New Year's Classic