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We are proud to donate
for each video order sold to the
Sean Costello Memorial Fund
for Bipolar Research!

People are Talking

"We drove down to meet with the best tennis company in the south: HIGH-TECH TENNIS! My son felt really comfortable working with them, the quality of his College Recruit Video was awesome and his coach was especially impressed with the Dartfish video. In fact, he used the video to show my son some of the areas that needed improvement. My won understood exactly what the coach wanted and was able to make the necessary corrections on the spot. WELL DONE, HIGH-TECH TENNIS!"

Mother of Recruit from Nashville, TN

Upcoming Events

9/19-22: SC Junior Open
9/25: College Recruit
10/1: College Recruit
10/7: Academy Session
10/11-12: McCallie Jr Chps
10/17-20: Southern Chps
10/31-11/3: Southern Chps