While on #OurBirthdayGetaway to Asheville, NC over May 26-30, 2016, we stopped for breakfast & believe it or not:


Actually, we met two.

 When we walked into a kinda cheesy-looking Pizza Hut that had been painted bright yellow,
we had no idea what was about to happen.
First we saw this card on the table…


It was intriguing but I couldn’t quite take it in… It was morning, after all, & I wasn’t fully awake!
The restaurant was busy & the servers were hustling. 


And then I noticed the photos, displayed in 1-2 rows, along the circumference of the ceiling of the entire building.


So of course I had to ask our waitress what was up with all the pics…

AND THAT’S WHEN WE MET the most unforgettable guy!!!!

He is truly starting where he is, using what he has & doing what he can – which is to donate balls & dolls to poor kids around the world.


Here’s his answer:

“This moment ranks pretty high in my life. When I was a kid we went without food to eat and nice clothes to wear, too much as I recall. I look back and make lots of jokes about those day’s. It’s easy to laugh now; but in the moment, not so much. I remember playing sports with my brother and my friends, those were some special times; because we did’nt think about how hungry we were when we were playing.

Three years ago when I was in Guayaquil Ecuador God put upon my heart that I could help these kids in similar fasion, even with the little extra money I had. I bought 9 gifts with the 45 dollars I had. My original idea was only to buy soccer balls; but of course my wife persuaded me that dolls are more fitting for the girls.

Most kid’s here only eat one meal a day; and sometimes eat something small for breakfast. Most of them never receive gifts including Christmas; but you will find their some of the nicest kids on the planet.

I thought if I could give them a ball to play with, like me when I was young,they would forget about how hungry they were. Essentially making my 5 dollar gift worth 500 meals or dreams,as I like to call them. Hence, “The Right to Dream”

Last year 2009, I showed the the photo’s to my friends at Biltmore Estate (Stable Cafe), where I work; and told them I would like to raise a few extra dollars to buy more gifts when I returned in January of 2010. I excepeted gifts from them 1-5 dollars; and we raised 170 dollars that I put with the 200 that I personally gifted, giving us 370, 375 when a man on the plane, from Guayaquil gave us another 5. My wife and I shopped all the best deals in Guayaquil to buy soccer balls and dolls. We bought 97 gifts, 38 dolls; and 57 balls. The balls would be 10 dollars here in the states and the dolls we bought were beautiful with long gowns; just look at the photo’s, probably 20 here in the states; but we paid 5 and 3.25 for the balls.

My wife’s sister is a school teacher in Guayquil; and she helped us find the kids in need.We gave out the gifts on the Catholic holiday, the 3 Kings. When I entered the school they all gave me an applause and called me Papa Noel. The people who know me, know I cry real easy; but for this moment I had to fight back the tears, they might not understand. The school was pretty small; but they did’nt seem to mind. They were happy to be there and learning. We went up stairs to the roof to disperse the gifts. We took these photo’s so that my friends could see the kids with their gifts; and that I was a good steward with their money.”

Kevi Bear’s Kids

WOW!!! I was moved to tears – then & now! If this story doesn’t touch you, brother-you ain’t human. We returned twice more before we left town bcuz I just couldn’t get enough of these people & I vowed to share their story with anyone who could hear my voice or read my words.

Check out this article in a local newspaper. You’ll see that they’re serving up delicious breakfast in an old Pizza Hut building but they’re doing sooooo much more.

If you feel inclined to support this amazing angel on earth with his equally amazing wife BETTY,
your donations are tax deductible &, in Kevin’s words:
“May God bless you with treasures in heaven!”


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