What a pleasure to have played a small role in the development of thousands of junior tennis players!! We are soo proud to have helped over 500 players transition from junior tennis to college tennis because we believe that a college degree = a brighter future. Having spent soo much time together over the years, we definitely miss seeing these players out on the tournament trail but we wish them ALL THE BEST!! It’s surprisingly sad when players come over & say “BYE-BYE, HIGH-TECH TENNIS! … [Read more...]



What are the chances that the coach from the college of your dreams will: 1-See you play tennis & 2-See you play your absolute best?? EXACTLY. We create College Recruit Videos that help recruits GET NOTICED! When you're serious about playing college tennis, we're serious about helping you do it! Contact HIGH-TECH TENNIS & let's get started! *The SAMPLE video was recorded during a private session at the recruit's academy.*  … [Read more...]


Video Specs

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SAMPLE College Recruit Video

College Videos Can Provide the Recruiting Edge

We've helped HUNDREDS OF RECRUITS & we can help you too!! We CAN'T guarantee your scholarships...but we CAN guarantee your satisfaction... AND WE DO!!! The video that gets your junior into the right college (not to mention saving thousands of dollars in the process) could be one of THE MOST IMPORTANT decisions they’ll ever make!!   We can create YOUR college recruit video using content obtained in one of 3 ways:1. during a junior tournament 2. at a private session <Southern … [Read more...]



COLLEGE NIGHT @ SOUTHERN CLOSED MOBILE, AL ON 6/13/15 Was it the panel of college coaches or was it the free pizza?? Once again, TD Scott Novak arranged a group of college coaches to take questions from 75 players/parents as they gathered for an hour under the tent. He said he hoped the night could be a positive one & that players would learn something. HIGH-TECH TENNIS was honored to be included & we spoke for a brief period re: College Recruit Videos & then distributed HIGH-TECH … [Read more...]



SPECIAL THANKS to our friends at for including this article by & about HIGH-TECH TENNIS in their Countdown to Signing Day Coverage for Fall 2014 on October 29, 2014. At HIGH-TECH TENNIS, we're in a unique position because we have access to information that can help you transition from junior tennis to college tennis. We have interacted with dozens of junior tennis coaches who have walked the walk and are now talking the talk to help you navigate the very exciting - … [Read more...]


shout out

NOTE: This list is not 100% complete...but it's close & if we left YOUR name off, sooooo sorry, o.k. We're close but not yet perfect, lol!! Since HIGH-TECH TENNIS was “born” in late 2005, we basically grew UP with these players so here’s a HUGE SHOUT OUT to the We’re very proud that so many of our friends are headed to college because a college degree = a brighter future so THANK YOU for allowing us to play a small role in your development!! THE TOURNAMENTS JUST WON’T BE THE SAME … [Read more...]

It’s YOUR Goal so It’s YOUR Choice

It's Your Choice

Every single tennis player has different goals, but at HIGH-TECH TENNIS, we have only one goal: To help you achieve YOUR goal, LOL! That's why we give you OPTIONS: MATCH PLAY VIDEO - OPTIONS Every Match Play Video includes the entire match - from the very beginning until the players shake hands - but please be aware that you have the following options: NUMBER: Upgrade from the default ($59 for single match play video on video link OR on DVD) to any of the following multiple packages: WELCOME … [Read more...]



SPECIAL THANKS to our friends at for including this article by & about HIGH-TECH TENNIS in their Countdown to Signing Day Coverage for Spring 2014 on April 2, 2014. The recruiting process can be such a confusing time - so many NCAA rules dictating what can be done when and by whom - but one thing is crystal clear: If you want to get on the coach's radar at the college of your dreams,you need a college video. Wait... Can't you get a college scholarship without a … [Read more...]

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