As you may know, we are in our TENTH YEAR of doing what we do, which is work much HARDER than you might imagine (!!) to help juniors achieve their recruiting & training goals. We don't get a lot of PR but when we do, we absolutely LOVE IT! :) Unbelievably, we've lost quite a few along the way but managed to find this article about us from the Mobile Press-Register, March of 2012. We want you to be able to read it (!!) so we printed out what it says for you: Julie Thiets and her husband … [Read more...]


help wanted

As you may know, we created HIGH-TECH TENNIS out of the thinnest of thin air --- TEN YEARS AGO!! Our plan was to be a technology tool for teaching pros in & around the Atlanta WHAT are we doing at almost 30 junior tennis tournaments each year??? YOU TELL ME, LOL!! We are proud to say that - once we realized you weren't buying what we thought we'd be selling, we shifted gears & started selling what you told us you wanted to buy!! Performance Analysis Videos? We forgot about … [Read more...]


fun facts

FIVE FUN FACTS ABOUT HIGH-TECH TENNIS 1. Danny played tennis for 40 years & he taught tennis for 12 years. Julie played & taught tennis for a COMBINED total of 0 (ZERO) years, LOL! 2. We are in our 10th year of providing video services exclusively tailored to help junior tennis players achieve their recruiting & training goals. We travel to approximately 30 junior tournaments throughout the Southern Section each year & we select our tournaments strictly based on whether the … [Read more...]


on the air

What a pleasure to have been invited to have to tell our story on the radio!! Click & take a listen...You'll learn all you ever wanted to know about HIGH-TECH TENNIS but were afraid to ask, lol! Danny & Julie Thiets HIGH-TECH TENNIS on 720 DEGREE TENNIS … [Read more...]


new ownership

BREAKING NEWS: Things have changed FOR THE BETTER!!! The new owner @ Windward Lake Club <from SC> didn't know what a gigantic mistake he was making but it didn't take him long to learn what so many of us already know. Thankfully, he removed the LOSERS, we no longer have to HATE Windward Tennis Academy <LOL> & we are happy to resume our support of the great people at this great academy!!! Not only that, we will be THRILLED to return to Windward Lake Club for our 8TH … [Read more...]


Never Get So Busy

A new year is the perfect time to reflect on what went right & what went wrong in the previous year, but BEFORE WE DO THAT, we're thinking about the previous SIX WEEKS & WHOA...NO WONDER WE'RE TIRED :) Take a look at The Adventures of HIGH-TECH TENNIS (aka our lives) over the past 39 days: - We spent 6 travel days on the road to provide video services @ 3 tourneys in 2 states - We recorded 326 matches for junior tennis players - We've been home just 9 of the past 39 days or, … [Read more...]


Top 10 Reasons to Play Tennis

[Read more...]



If you're reading this, we are far, far away on the :) TRIP-OF-A-LIFETIME :) To celebrate TWENTY YEARS OF HAPPINESS together <14 years as a married couple & 9 as business partners>, we are visiting the island known as ST KITTS (formerly Saint Christopher Island, the first Caribbean island to be spotted by Columbus, which he named after his patron saint & himself). If you discovered an island, you'd probably name it after yourself too... I know I would!!  :) We will be … [Read more...]


exceed expectations

FUN FACTS About Most Recent Tourney Since this tournament was held in Georgia, it's no surprise that GEORGIA came in 1st with the number of videos ordered but what IS surprising is that TENNESSEE came in 2nd as the only other state that was represented in this OPEN tournament. Hmmm... But here's a fact that we especially love: GIRLS outnumbered BOYS by 3 to 1... YAY GIRLS!! THAT'S A WRAP! When you ordered your video, we promised we'd get your video(s) into the mail by a certain … [Read more...]



BY VERY POPULAR DEMAND, we've replenished our supply of HTT wristbands (we re-ordered the original bands plus we added some new bands) & we're launching a fun HTT WRISTBAND CONTEST!! Our wristbands (or anklebands, if you prefer LOL) are printed with HIGH-TECH TENNIS & a 3-word tennis tip. 1. Guess the 3-word tennis tip from our original batch of bands PLUS 2. Guess the 3-word tennis tip from our new batch of bands AND WIN YOUR CHOICE OF BANDS!! ALL CORRECT GUESSERS … [Read more...]

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