“We were pleasantly surprised to have more offers/options than we anticipated! And, by the way, HIGH-TECH TENNIS did a great job on my son’s recruiting video!

However, one surprise that was NOT so pleasant was that on an overnight recruiting trip, my son was turned loose at Frat and Sorority parties with no adult supervision…which he loved…but his mother immediately removed the school from consideration.

At 17, my wife (and I) felt that the coach at this school had a responsibility to look after our son…and if he wasn’t going to do it on an official recruiting visit, he wasn’t going to do it if he were a student/athlete at this school either.”

Father of a recruit who
recently signed with a D2 school

“My best advice would be to have a close relationship with a good coach while your player is in high school. Our son’s coach has a great reputation and he made many calls to tell college coaches about the type of person and player my son is…

However, it still came as a shock that so many schools filled up their teams with foreign students. He didn’t even apply to many schools because there was zero chance of getting on the team unless you’re from France, Brazil, Mexico, etc.”

Mother of freshman
at D2 school

“I think recruits should figure out if they want to attend a really big school or a smaller school, visit the campuses to come up with a shortlist of schools they fit in well with & then start evaluating their tennis programs.

It’s a good idea to email or call the coaches at the schools you’re interested in & keep in mind that they have may have different criteria to evaluate. They may not even want/need to see you compete but be aware that some coaches may say they’re ‘full’ or ‘not interested’ but then continue to check profiles on TennisRecruiting.net so that sends mixed messages.”

Father of recruit  who’s headed to a
public liberal arts (D2) university
in Millegeville, GA

“Remember to keep the game of tennis FUN & that your primary reason for going to college is to get an education. My daughter played #1 singles & #1 doubles but only for her freshman year; she transferred in her sophomore year to focus on studies & other activities that the Lord was leading her to.”

Mother of recruit who played at
private Christian liberal arts (D2) university
& then D1 school in  Fayetteville, AR

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