High Tech Tips


T: Thoughtful

I: Insights for

P: Prospective

S: Student-Athletes

We’re in a unique position because we have ABSOLUTELY NO AGENDA
& we have access to information that will help you transition
FROM junior tennis TO college tennis!

These are lessons learned & other bits of useful advice
from those who have walked the walk & are now talking the talk
to help YOU navigate the very exciting
(but sometimes very confusing) recruiting process!

We’re sharing HIGH-TECH TIPS to help you and your player
on your journey through the maze of Junior Tennis (and other sports)
as you search for the school that’s a PERFECT FIT for your player!!

Almost ALL recruits want to play for a DIVISION 1 school – at least that’s what they SAY…
but we all know that may NOT be a realistic goal.

Here are some interesting HIGH-TECH TIPS about playing tennis
at various schools, as well as some general comments that might help:


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