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Having a good recruiting VIDEO is extremely important for athletes who hope to earn a scholarship. College coaches don’t have the time or money to travel and see hundreds of recruits in person. That’s why a highlight VIDEO is one of the most important parts of your online resume. It takes just a few minutes for a well-made recruiting VIDEO to show coaches what a high school recruit can do on the field or the court. (Source: NCSA Athletic Recruiting)

The college recruiting VIDEO in an important part of the recruiting process. It’s not always feasible for college coaches to see players compete in person. Even if they can they often want to get an idea of someone’s technique, style of play and overall level at the outset to make sure the player is worth pursuing. Despite the importance of the VIDEO, more often than not we see videos that are ineffective and inadequate. (Source: Let’s Check the Videotape!)

If most college coaches had their choice, they would always prefer to watch a student-athlete play live. Due to the busy schedules and budget restrictions, coaches cannot travel to evaluate every player they are recruiting. When a personal evaluation is not possible, VIDEO allows a coaching staff to evaluate the mechanics and specific talents of a prospect, providing the coaches with the necessary tools to draw legitimate interest in a student-athlete.
VIDEO IS KING. (Source: 
NCSA Athletic Recruiting)

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