“Any of you guys and girls in the southeast region of the US, check out what is new here.
Outside of practice itself, there is nothing quite like analyzing a video of yourself playing to improve your game.

Not to mention, with all of the USTA rules changes and the decrease of exposure at the larger national events, a professionally done video to send off to college coaches is now almost critical in the coaches process of selecting a player for their team. The coach’s budgets will not allow for most of them to travel into each of the sections to see the bulk of the American juniors, so it is critical that you take the section directly to the coach of the schools that you are interested in.

If you have the benefit of being at one of the tournaments where Julie and Danny and High-Tech Tennis are set up, take advantage of their services. Check out the events where Julie and Danny will be and meet up with them at the sites. Schedule a video and reap the benefits. Thanks to them for joining forces with us at Holabird Sports.”


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