“Thanks for the video link of my son’s match in Chattanooga. We always appreciate how invested you are in the tennis experience. Great job, as always!” Father of Junior from SC

“I want to thank you for getting the match play videos to us so quickly. It was very much appreciated as my daughter is competing in another tournament this weekend and her coach was able to pick up some things to work on from your videos to improve her game quickly. I know you must be swamped but thank you so much for being present at these tournaments and helping all of these juniors. Plus, you are so kind and it’s always refreshing to meet people with a passion for what they do.” Sweet mother of sweet jr from IN 

“We are sooo very grateful for HIGH-TECH TENNIS!! The videos have been extremely helpful for my daughter & I will always treasure the keepsake videos. THANKS especially for recording that match since I forgot to request it… YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!” Repeat customer & mother of junior from TN

“Match play videos are extremely valuable for training & we can now watch a video archive of our girls growing up (thanks to HIGH-TECH TENNIS)!!” Father of 2 from Hilton Head, SC

“Your videos are such a wonderful teaching tool! I always encourage my students to order at least one Match Play Video whenever they see you at a tournament!” Tennis Coach from Macon, GA

“What an awesome video service for tournament players!! You should know that HIGH-TECH TENNIS is the BEST!! Video is such a great learning tool – so look them up at your next Southern tournament!!” Tournament Director from Louisville, KY

“Our daughter’s coach told us he considers himself a doctor of tennis. Just as a doctor uses x-rays to help him see causes of potential health problems, your videos help him identify areas for improvement in her tennis game. We are so very grateful for what you do!” Mother of 12 Yr Old Junior/Repeat Customer Since 2008

“Thanks for the recent videos! We gleaned quite a bit of information by breaking down our son’s tape point-by-point. These really are instrumental in helping us know what to work on with their coaches, as well as a valuable yardstick to measure progress over time. I cannot tell you how much we appreciate having access to your service (at so many tournaments too!) You guys do an outstanding job!” Father of 2 Jrs from Raleigh, NC

“HIGH-TECH TENNIS adds so much to the overall experience at the National Clay Court Championships because players have the opportunity to study their videos with their coaches to identify areas where improvement is needed!” TD Chris Cagle

“HIGH-TECH TENNIS is the best video service around. Whether you want something as simple as a match taped or as extensive as video analysis, they are the BEST. I’ve seen tennis programs (from country’s federations to big-time international academies) from all around the world and I assure you that the services provided by HIGH-TECH TENNIS are truly world class.” Torrey Hawkins, High Performance Coach

“Thanks a MILLION for your services! My son watched his videos, made the necessary correction so he was able to stay in control of his game, and went on to win a Southern tournament two weeks later!! YOU GUYS ARE FANTASTIC!!” Happy Father of 12 Yr Old from Atlanta, GA

“My son watched half of the match you recorded for him and said “Dad, you can turn it off…I get it now.” DID HE EVER!!! From that moment on, his game improved dramatically and I strongly recommend your service to all who want to improve!” Father of 11 Yr Old from Raleigh, NC

“Thanks so much for all the tennis memories you’ve given to my family. I’m a huge fan of HIGH-TECH TENNIS!” Mother of 2 Jrs from Raleigh, NC

“My daughter’s coach thought your video was one of the most valuable tools out there to help him coach her game! We’ll be looking forward to using your services and to getting more of your great videos again! THANK YOU, HIGH-TECH TENNIS!” Mother of 12 Yr Old from Apopka, FL

“Your videos have been so important in helping our sons develop their skills. MUCH MORE THAN THAT, though, I hope you know how much it means to me personally to share your videos with my elderly parents (who can’t get out to watch my sons play tennis anymore)! They’ve watched your videos HUNDREDS & HUNDREDS of times!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH, HIGH-TECH TENNIS, for what you’re doing for our family!!” Father of 2 Jrs from Raleigh, NC

“Thank you for the videos for our son. He went out and played a local L4 tournament this weekend in the B18s – he did fantastic – almost won the tournament but lost 64,63 in the finals. So proud of him and his work ethic. Thank you for always being SOOOOO encouraging to him. Your support really does make a difference in our kids’ lives. Thanks for doing what you do!” Mother of 2 jrs in NC & longtime fans/customers of HTT

“Thank you for the DVDs. They will be very helpful & we appreciate your efforts and your professionalism. It was nice to see you in Louisville!” Mother of 2 jrs & longtime customer from Charleston, SC

“My grandson has been asking me DAILY about ordering the video you recorded at the Topspin tournament. Thank you SO MUCH for what you’re doing to help young players improve their skills & we will certainly be in touch going forward!!!” Brand new customer & grandfather of 12yo junior from Myrtle Beach, SC

“Thank you for recording my match for me. I watched it with my coach & I was just shocked that my footwork was so AWFUL!! It may not ever be perfect but I promise it will never, ever, EVER look that bad again!!” 12yo junior from Macon, GA commenting on her 1st ever match play video

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