"Match play videos are extremely valuable for training & we can now watch a video archive of our girls growing up (thanks to HIGH-TECH TENNIS)!!"

Father of 2 from Hilton Head, SC

"Your videos are such a wonderful teaching tool! I always encourage my students to order at least one Match Play Video whenever they see you at a tournament!" 

Tennis Coach from Macon, GA

"What an awesome video service for tournament players!! You should know that HIGH-TECH TENNIS is the BEST!! Video is such a great learning tool - so look them up at your next Southern tournament!!"

Tournament Director from Louisville, KY

“Our daughter’s coach told us he considers himself a doctor of tennis. Just as a doctor uses x-rays to help him see causes of potential health problems, your videos help him identify areas for improvement in her tennis game. We are so very grateful for what you do!”

Mother of 12 Yr Old Junior/Repeat Customer Since 2008

“Thanks, HIGH-TECH TENNIS! I knew there were bad habits in my technique. Now that I’ve got my Stroke Analysis Video, I can see what they are…so I can work to get rid of them!!"

AA4 ALTA Player from Atlanta, GA

“A lot of people talk about video but no one ever does much more than talk. Danny and Julie (HIGH-TECH TENNIS) are actually changing the face of tennis in GA!”

Craig Jones, Director of Tennis –  Idle Hour Country Club and Craig Jones Tennis Academy

“Hi Danny & Julie! I just reviewed & accepted a college video that you made & it was really good! I’m so glad you’re doing this for the players! I know it takes a lot of work, but the quality certainly shines through & as a former college coach, I can tell you this is EXACTLY what college coaches want to see!”

Julie Wrege (Co-Founder of TennisRecruiting.net)

“After all the time and money you’ve invested on behalf of your child, this is the BEST money you’ll ever spend to get them well-deserved exposure!! This is truly a great product & your satisfaction is guaranteed! We highly recommend HIGH-TECH TENNIS!!”

Very Satisfied Parents of Recruit from GA

"Thanks for the recent videos! We gleaned quite a bit of information by breaking down our son's tape point-by-point. These really are instrumental in helping us know what to work on with their coaches, as well as a valuable yardstick to measure progress over time. I cannot tell you how much we appreciate having access to your service (at so many tournaments too!) You guys do an outstanding job!"

Father of 2 Jrs from Raleigh, NC

"What you are doing is great work! We'll be glad to recommend HIGH-TECH TENNIS!"

Julie Wrege, Owner of TennisRecruiting.net

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