"Danny and Julie (aka HIGH-TECH TENNIS) provide a wonderful video service to tournament players. They always add value AND fun to our tournament and we're always happy to see them at the Winter Southern Closed Championships!"

TD Chris Mather, Tennis Club at Springhurst

"HIGH-TECH TENNIS adds so much to the overall experience at the National Clay Court Championships because players have the opportunity to study their videos with their coaches to identify areas where improvement is needed!"

TD Chris Cagle

"The College Recruit Video you prepared for our daughter exceeded our expectations! Not only that, you were both so pleasant and friendly. THANK YOU for working with the video we sent and, combined with your expertise, creating such a great video for our daughter to share with coaches!"

Parents of Recruit from Canton, GA

"HIGH-TECH TENNIS is the best video service around. Whether you want something as simple as a match taped or as extensive as video analysis, they are the BEST. I've seen tennis programs (from country's federations to big-time international academies) from all around the world and I assure you that the services provided by HIGH-TECH TENNIS are truly world class."

Torrey Hawkins, High Performance Coach

"We started using HIGH-TECH TENNIS as one of our coaching tools this year and it has been tremendously helpful, not just with the coaching but also with the student's personal understanding of their own technique. This enables our students to accelerate their improvement. HIGH-TECH TENNIS is a must for anyone who wants to further enhance their technical development."

Stephen Diaz, Stephen Diaz Tennis Academy

"When a student has a flaw in the mechanics of a stroke, she often thinks she is executing the stroke very differently than what is actually happening. Through the video analysis provided by HIGH-TECH TENNIS, I've been able to help many students by allowing them to actually see and correct the error in the stroke."

Turhan Berne, One Love Tennis

"Your business is wonderful and I just love your entrepreneurial spirit! I wish you every success and THANK YOU for coming to Florida!"

Mother of 10 Yr Old from Sanford, FL

"Thanks a MILLION for your services! My son watched his videos, made the necessary correction so he was able to stay in control of his game, and went on to win a Southern tournament two weeks later!! YOU GUYS ARE FANTASTIC!!"

Happy Father of 12 Yr Old from Atlanta, GA

"My son watched half of the match you recorded for him and said "Dad, you can turn it off...I get it now." DID HE EVER!!! From that moment on, his game improved dramatically and I strongly recommend your service to all who want to improve!"

Father of 11 Yr Old from Raleigh, NC

"Thanks so much for all the tennis memories you've given to my family. I'm a huge fan of HIGH-TECH TENNIS!"

Mother of 2 Jrs from Raleigh, NC

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