"I'll be glad to help HIGH-TECH TENNIS in any way that I can."

Rick Davison, Director of Junior Competition
USTA Georgia

"My daughter's coach thought your video was one of the most valuable tools out there to help him coach her game! We'll be looking forward to using your services and to getting more of your great videos again! THANK YOU, HIGH-TECH TENNIS!"

Mother of 12 Yr Old from Apopka, FL

"I can't wait for the next time we're at a tournament together!! This is very, very cool & I'm very, very interested!!" 

Father of 16 Yr Old from Memphis, TN

"We drove down to meet with the best tennis company in the south: HIGH-TECH TENNIS! My son felt really comfortable working with them, the quality of his College Recruit Video was awesome and his coach was especially impressed with the Dartfish video. In fact, he used the video to show my son some of the areas that needed improvement. My won understood exactly what the coach wanted and was able to make the necessary corrections on the spot. WELL DONE, HIGH-TECH TENNIS!"

Mother of Recruit from Nashville, TN

"Your videos have been so important in helping our sons develop their skills. MUCH MORE THAN THAT, though, I hope you know how much it means to me personally to share your videos with my elderly parents (who can't get out to watch my sons play tennis anymore)! They've watched your videos HUNDREDS & HUNDREDS of times!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH, HIGH-TECH TENNIS, for what you're doing for our family!!"

Father of 2 Jrs from Raleigh, NC

"Thank you for all you do for the sport of tennis. May God continue to bless you---we are so blessed to have you in our lives!"

Father of 3 Jrs from Riverdale, GA

"The great instruction provided by HIGH-TECH TENNIS will really benefit your game!"

Coach Manny Diaz, University of Georgia

"Thanks to HIGH-TECH TENNIS for supporting my 1st Annual Bulldog Tennis Camp!!"

John Isner
Professional Tennis Player

"Thank you for the videos for our son. He went out and played a local L4 tournament this weekend in the B18s - he did fantastic - almost won the tournament but lost 64,63 in the finals. So proud of him and his work ethic. Thank you for always being SOOOOO encouraging to him. Your support really does make a difference in our kids lives. Thanks for doing what you do!"

Mother of 2 jrs in NC
& longtime fans/customers of HTT

"Love the service!! Will use it again & again in the future!! THANKS!!"

Father of 10 yr old & brand new customer from MS 

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