"We just have to tell you that you did an exceptional job of choosing our daughter's points!! We love that you selected a few when she was coming in & playing aggressive tennis (from one match) & then you followed that with a few points from another match, where she stayed back & was a little more hesitant!! We LOVE our video & thanks for doing such an amazing job!!"

Parents of female recruit from Memphis, TN

"The service you are providing for junior players is just so invaluable & I can’t tell you how much we appreciate HIGH-TECH TENNIS!!”

Happy Father of 12yo from Germantown, TN

"Thanks so much for the video. It looks great to both my husband and me. Our daughter  is out of the country, but  returns on Thursday. I can't wait for her to see it. It's been great working with you guys. Thanks for all you do."

Mother of recruit from Memphis, TN

"Thank you so much for sending the STAT report and video. Love it! My son will be home from camp on Friday & I can't wait for him to see this - I think he will find them very enlightening and educational! I will let you know what he thinks! We look forward to seeing you soon!"

1st customer to order STAT report & very, very nice mother of 14yo from Athens, GA

"HIGH-TECH TENNIS has been such a wonderful friend to the Peterson School of Tennis!! Thanks to your terrific expertise with your wonderful technology, you've made our players look like the superstars that they ARE & it's so, so great that you've provided technical & financial assistance to help them use the wonderful sport of tennis to get a FREE education - WHAT COULD BE BETTER??? On a personal note, thank you soo much for being so willing to help me & I can't tell you how great it is to know that we can always count on our friends @ HIGH-TECH TENNIS!!"

Coach Jewel Peterson, Owner/Director of Peterson School of Tennis

"Thank you so much for the video! Our son has enjoyed watching and learning from his performance! His local coach has utilized some of the effective feedback, and his coaches that he trains with in Florida are super excited about using this tool to help him as he continues to develop. We are so grateful for your service to these young players! What a pleasure to meet you as well...best wishes as you continue your journeys!"

Mother of Brand New 18yo Customer from Humboldt, TN

"Love love this video!! Awesome job. He looks so good especially in that match. I enjoyed watching that because I wasn't there! My son loves it too!!!" 

Mother of recruit from Alpharetta, GA

"My daughter was sooo happy with the recruit video you prepared for her! She said 'look, dad - he made me look like a really good player!' We just can't thank you enough, HIGH-TECH TENNIS!! Thanks for taking the time to help my daughter show her true potential!!" 

Father of recruit from Locust Grove, GA

"Thank you guys so much for my daughter's awesome recruiting video. It looks wonderful! She has already sent it out to a few college coaches!  :-) We will send you a check in the mail this week. Thanks again for the great work. You guys are awesome! We will definitely keep you posted on where she ends up going to college."

Mother of recruit from Alpharetta, GA

"I cannot thank y'all enough for the great recruitment video!! Y'all made her look pretty fierce, lol!! And thanks so much for all that y'all do for junior tennis!! We love HIGH-TECH TENNIS!!"

Mother of recruit from Ocean Springs, MS

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