"You all did a really great job & I saw how hard you worked. I hope you know that what you are doing is so important for the  players, especially at this level, because visualization is EVERYTHING!!!"

Grandfather of junior from VA

"You guys provide an invaluable service, thank you SO much. And I'm so impressed by the speed! I'll recommend your services to all!"

Mother of G12 from TX

"Think of it this way: When your child comes off the court with an incredible win or a painful loss, going back to your child’s coach and trying to verbally explain what happened doesn’t really give the coach much to go on. And as much as the child thinks they know what they did right or wrong, they’re probably only 20% accurate, at best. Why spend all the time, money and energy to come home with a guess of what happened on the battleground of a tennis court. I guarantee that the coach would much rather have the actual match to view rather than hear a parent or player try to summarize."

Mother of 16yo from Tuscaloosa, AL

"It is very powerful for the player to see their own performance – It leaves no debate. With a sport as technical as tennis, you really want to eliminate as much of the guesswork as possible and the best way to do this is through video!! Instead of wondering why your child is not getting better, take my word for it. The next time you see HIGH-TECH TENNIS at a tournament, stop and sign up…You can & YOU WILL thank me later!!”

Mother of 16yo from Tuscaloosa, AL

"We appreciate all of your hard work. We are IT people, we understand ... it can be chaotic w/different platforms and disparate equipment. We appreciate your hard work. Assimilation of that many matches in various media forms is labor intensive."

Mother of junior from TX

"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you guys again for producing a quality recruiting video for my daughter. Since linking the video & emailing college coaches in early November, my daughter's TennisRecruiting.Netprofile has been visited over 160 times by college coaches. What a blessing it is to be able to showcase her tennis progress via your video product. We hope to see you again soon. With a humble heart,"

Father of recruit from Ocilla, GA

"I hope you two are recovering well from Decoturf! I wanted to thank you for your help in the recruiting video. Julie, my daughter said she had fun recording the introduction. Thanks for what you do."

Father of recruit from Huntsville, AL

"We really want to thank you for everything, including your super professionalism! Thanks again!"

Dad of recruit from LA

"Your professional videos help kids promote their tennis & also present their interests & talents off the courts. This offers a sense of balance & shows that kids can be well rounded. We will continue to spread the word & promote HIGH-TECH TENNIS because we believe in the quality of your work & we thank you for believing in these kids!!"

Father of Recruit from Acworth, GA

"I am so proud of & excited about this video!! My daughter played in 2 ITA tournaments this summer & was able to win a few & also just lose but hang with them. So I was like obviously you can play collegiate tennis. Thank you for a great video & I'll let you know where she ends up !!!! It is awesome! What a struggle to find her tennis this summer so I thank you thank you!!"

Excited mother of recruit in Athens, GA

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