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We don’t have much – but we have MUCH more than many & we know how important it is to give back. But give back to WHO? So many worthy charities, so many choices…Well, our choice was an easy one. Please click the image of Sean’s guitar below to launch a very powerful video & then return to this page for much more information about our connection to


Our personal connection to Sean Costello began when we “discovered” him way back in 1994.
He was just 14 years old & we were on our 2nd date (LOL).
He didn’t play tennis but he played the blues guitar…
A real child prodigy, Sean definitely had “IT”
—extreme talent, incredible charisma, sweetness & soft-spoken charm—
and when he played, it was pure MAGIC!
Stop & think about our lives now…
we’re surrounded every week by child prodigies who may also have “IT”
— talent, dedication & determination —
but they use a tennis racquet instead of a guitar. 

Back to Sean…Our personal connection with him remained strong & we followed him closely for almost 15 years. We watched him grow into an extremely talented musician who toured the world, released award-winning records & gained thousands of fans. We were incredibly proud of his tremendous success but touched that he remained as gentle as the day we’d met him. Then, as we made plans to join his birthday celebration the very next night, we were stunned to learn he’d suddenly passed away…only a few miles from us…
just a day before his 29th birthday.

As we struggled to cope with this devastating reality, we chose his song “No Half-Steppin'”
as our theme song & agreed to keep his spirit with us by including that song in our videos
whenever appropriate. 
You’ll probably recognize it from our fun videos.
It inspires us & for the 5th straight year, we just announced our “NO HALF STEPPIN'” TOUR.
Clearly, we think about Sean every day & we keep his spirit alive wherever we go.


SEANPICDon’t miss our friend Melvin on bass, our friend Terrence on drums, our friend Matt on keyboards & our friend Paul on harmonica. OMG, we spent so many, many, many fantastic nights at this blues club (Northside Tavern) with these 5 guys…
Such wonderful fuzzy memories of being Sean Costello Groupies for 15 years.


As you may know, the VIDEO DOES GOOD program is our way of helping Sean’s parents continue the fund they established in his name while helping your player improve his or her tennis skills. You can easily help by agreeing to match our $1 donation when you order your next video. Over the past 4+ years, we’ve asked you to match our $1 donation to The Sean Costello Memorial Fund for Bipolar Research for each video order that we sell.

Thanks to your generosity, we’ve raised over $8000 & this program will continue indefinitely. We know this won’t bring our friend back – but maybe just maybe we can help someone else who is silently suffering just like Sean was – if only we’d known it & if only we could have helped him in some way…IF ONLY. Thank you for helping us make something meaningful out of such a painful, senseless loss.

We’ll always remember our friend & hope he rests in peace forever.  

We hope he sees the Memory Garden we planted in his name & we hope it makes him smile.
Rest on, SEAN THE BLUES KID…We love you.

THANKS for caring enough to read this.

The purpose of The Sean Costello Memorial Fund for Bipolar Research is to apply Sean’s celebrity & the love of Sean’s fans & fellow musicians to increase research for treatment of Bipolar Disorder, develop & support education for early diagnosis & intervention & translate the human side of bipolar disorder & its severity to improve outcomes & resources, especially for those without insurance, targeting the musical community.


P.S. Just discovered this great shot of an 11yo SC w/ BB as in King!

sean and bb

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